30-minute Piano Lessons ages 5-12 years
Fall Semester: $450 (15 lessons at $30/lesson)
Spring Semester: $510 (17 lessons at $30 / lesson)
Drop In Rates: $35 / 30 minutes


All student cancellations require 24 hours notice directly to his or her instructor via phone call, text, or email. Students and teachers should keep each others’ contact information on hand.
If such notice is not given to the teacher, the student will be charged for the full cost of the lesson and no makeup will be offered. With proper notice for absences, makeups can happen during makeup week at the end of the semester, or be scheduled in advance with the instructor at another time. Teacher absences and lessons cancelled with proper notice will be made up, or be credited to the student for future use.

Inclement Weather and Holidays 

We follow Boulder Valley School District cancellations for holidays, snow and inclement weather.

Watch your email or text for inclement weather communications from your instructor.

In the event of snow, ice, or other inclement weather, safety should be your priority. Please do not come to class if you are not comfortable driving with your child in hazardous conditions. 

If both student and teacher agree, lessons may still be held on school closure holidays (i.e. MLK Day or during Fall Break). Lessons on school closure days must be agreed upon and scheduled in advance by the student and teacher. 

Other Cancellations: In the rare event we need to cancel classes due to instructor illness or other unforeseen circumstance, we will provide as much advance notice as possible and offer a makeup option.

Wellness Policy

Please be considerate of the instructor and other children when deciding whether or not your child is healthy enough to attend a lesson.

If a child has these or other symptoms, please do not attend your lesson: fever within the last 24 hours; runny nose with yellow or green mucus; diarrhea; vomiting; sore throat or difficulty swallowing; lice; rash or spots on skin; ringworm infection; severe itching; mouth sores; eye discharge or conjunctivitis; significant tiredness; irritability; uncontrolled coughing; difficulty breathing; wheezing.

Ask yourself this important question…if your child is healthy, would you want him/her playing with another child that has your child’s symptoms? If the answer is no, please do not bring him/her to class. If your child exhibits these symptoms, please be advised that in the interest of safety for all children and adults present, we will ask you to leave and make-up the lesson at a better time.

Please be aware than some children are very sensitive to certain foods, so please no food or drink in the lesson room. Also, please avoid wearing heavy perfumes.

Safe Behavior

We understand children and we have a high threshold for their sometimes unpredictable behavior. However, because certain behaviors create apprehension for children and consequently ruin the class experience, these behaviors will be moderated. Aggressive behavior toward other children or adults may be cause for dismissal from class.

Aggressive behaviors include, but are not limited to: throwing objects at others, biting, hitting, kicking, tackling, and scratching. Also included are behaviors that cause damage to the classroom facility or property of Music For Boulder. If these behaviors occur, we follow these steps:

  • First incident: parent must remove child from that class for a few moments or possibly the remainder of class that day.
  • Second incident: parent must remove child from that class for the remainder of class that day. Additionally, the child may not attend any classes for a period of no less than two weeks.
  • Third incident: parent must remove child from that class for the remainder of class that day and child may no longer attend Kindermusik classes for the remainder of the semester.

Music For Boulder reserves the right for an instructor to ask a parent to remove a child from class at any time or to deny admission to a class due to any of the above mentioned behaviors.