Will your child proudly say they are seventh generation students of Beethoven? Miss Lisa's students can trace their tutelage all the way from Beethoven who taught Czerny, Czerny taught Leschetizky, Leschetizky taught DeJahn, DeJahn taught Neville Rae Barnett, Barnett taught Lisa Muratore. Seven generations later, your child can be in the direct pedagogical lineage of Beethoven!

Play, Read, Write, and Create Music

  • From your child's first lesson, we learn theory, counting, technique, and improvisation, building a solid foundation for classical to improv and everything in between.

  • Lessons are developmentally appropriate for your child's age and uniquely tailored for your child on any given day. In addition to playing piano, lessons often include movement, singing, and games.

A piano or keyboard at home is required. A piano is ideal, but a keyboard with standard full-size keys will suffice for the first 2 years of lessons. Your child will play an acoustic piano during lessons at the studio. Read more about  piano/keyboard options.


The Educator

  • Miss Lisa enjoys how each child's unique personality and learning style shines through in a one-on-one lesson. She brings over 20 years of excellence in teaching children and adults. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music, a Master of Music Education, a Master of Theology, and is pursuing a Master of Speech Pathology at CU (anticipated 2019).

  • Colorado Educator Certified in both Early Childhood and Music Education.

After-school at the Off Broadway School of Fine Arts

30-minute lessons

ages 5-12 years

Fall Semester: $450 (15 lessons at $30/lesson)

Spring Semester: $510 (17 lessons at $30 / lesson)